Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

 Prince Charming

 Woody & Meryl in Manhattan

 Disney <3

 Disney <3

 Chanel skates

 Rhonda McDonald

 oceanic bliss

piece of heaven

Fantasia- "pastoral scene"

 cloud light

 Beyonce's tumblr

 Nintendo coffee table

 Joy Division/New Balance



 The Talented Mr. Ripley

 Big Ange

 Home Alone

 Lady Gaga & Lana Del Rey

 Natalie Portman

 Disney bitches

 Dark Side of Oz

 Murial's Wedding

 James Franco for 10 magazine

 Keith Haring heart

 Donnie Darko Poster

 that chick from the Thriller video

 Marc Jacobs: "I just didn't wanna wear a tuxedo and be boring."

 riding in cars with John Travolta

 the invisible man 1

 the invisible man 2

 Jude Law & Ewan McGregor

 crazy Britney

peaceful Britney

MCA's VMA message


 Florence Welch at The Met Ball 2012

 crazy in love


 Britney in Rolling Stone magazine, 1999

 Chanel neon lights

 DJ Tanner

 Karl grocery shopping



Sex and the City and "Hubble"

 iridescent shorts

 Medusa by Javier Pinon, 2009

 street art

 Kate braids

 Rihanna by Terry Richardson

 Rossy De Palma & Pedro Almodóvar by Juergen Teller for Missoni

 Cruel Intentions

"strong Britney"

 Hotel California

 Prince dolls

 Can't Hardly Wait


 phone lips

 Courtney Love

 Mary-Kate & Ashley

Liv & Alicia



The Devil Wears Prada

 The Kramer

 Method Man, Lil' Kim & Missy Elliott

 Pulp Fiction

 Sister Cleo

 A Single Man

 this is the 90's

 Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

 Rose McGowen



 Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

 oy vey

 Girl Interrupted

 The Land Before Time



 Hillary & Bill

 Legends of the Hidden Temple

Go Ricki! Go Ricki! Go Ricki!

Jawbreaker strut

 Muhammad Ali Warhol painting

Wu-Tang scan