Friday, March 2, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things


 Franck's work out in Father Of The Bride II

Madonna back in the day

Lauryn Hill album cover


Winnie Cooper

Batman Russian dolls

Chanel surf board

Donna Summer album cover

Grey Gardens, 1975

Spice Girls on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, 1997

Courtney Love, Tina Turner, Madonna on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, 1997


American Psycho

"Cookie Time" from Troop Beverly Hills


Faye Dunaway at home

 Mickey & Minnie


 Kermit and Miss Piggy channel Annie Hall

 Lisa Frank

 making of Thriller

 Raging Bull

 ruby slippers

 Precious from The Silence Of The Lambs

 Barbara Streisand at Chanel show, 1960

 Brooke Sheilds by Richard Avedon and Keith Haring

 Erykah Badu wearing high heel skates

 Uncle Jessy

 Charlize Theron shot by Terry Richardson

 Jacaranda tree

 Anna Nicole back in the day

 Madonna album cover

 My Little Pony high heels

 "Niggas In Paris" vs. Midnight In Paris

 Harper Seven Beckham


 shoes by Charkviani

 Britney Spears Got Milk ad

 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


Destiny's Child back in the day