Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

 1929 Michigan theater in Detroit--now is a parking lot 

 Chanel ad feat. cat

 Beyonce hair pull


 Chanel glasses

"lick it up, baby. lick. it. up!"

 Chanel jelly shoes


 confetti death

 Cruel Intentions

 cute turtle

 Dakota Fanning in Elle UK

 dream pool

 espresso cafe interior fake library

 gun forks

 hey cat

 Jagger and Warhol corresponding

 Jeremy Scott X Linda Farrow sunglasses

 Jesus heels

 Jolie back in the day

 Justin Timberlake, Arena Homme mag cover

Romeo and Juliet fish tank scene

Janet Jackson, Rolling Stone mag cover

 McQueen Spring/Summer 2001

 Winona Ryder in Mermaids

 Naomi and cheetah

 Natalie Portman in The Professional

 body sequins

 t.v. couple pencils

 Wild Things

 Russian Vogue 10th Anniversary

 penis lipstick 

 strawberry tongue

 Kate Moss Got Milk

Tyra Banks Got Milk 

 the joker by Herb Ritts

Thelma & Louise