Thursday, December 1, 2011

NEW Lady Gaga

Check out the just released 14 minute music video (which she also directed) for Lady Gaga's "Marry The Night" off her album Born This Way:

I'm getting Girl, Interrupted. I'm getting Black Swan. I'm getting some poop dribbled across my computer screen. but that's Gaga. I will say that I enjoyed the beginning in the hospital with the whole voice over thing. I actually laughed a little. but as a whole, I was expecting more. especially for a 14 minute music video (everyone is trying to have a "Thriller" moment). I think the styling is weak (that black leather jump suit?? really??). the choreography is a mess (especially the whole swinging of the leg thing). I dunno. nothing spectacular going on here. I'm starting to miss the 'Monster' era, with videos like "Bad Romance" and "Telephone". FIERCE! the 'Born This Way' era is kinda boring and tired. oh well, at least the song is great. it carries a 'La Bouche' like nostalgia that takes me back to when my brothers, sisters, and I would dance around in our pajamas before T.G.I.F started.