Monday, December 12, 2011

Meryl Streep Does 'Vogue'

The greatest actress of our generation, Mery Streep, strikes a pose for her very first U.S. Vogue cover. At the granola age of 62, Streep is the oldest woman to ever appear on the magazine's cover.

Meryl is famous for her inspired portrayal of fashion magazine editor Miranda Prieastly in"The Devil Wears Prada", along with a multitude of other award worthy performances.

More highlights from inside the mag:

On playing Margaret Thatcher: “With any character I play, where she is me is where I meet her. It’s very easy to set people at arm’s length and judge them. Yes, you can judge the policies and the actions and the shortcomings - but to live inside that body is another thing entirely. And it’s humbling on a certain level and infuriating, just like it is to live in your own body. Because you recognize your own failings, and I have no doubt that she recognized hers.”

On how she feels about the film: “Because the material embedded in it is a lot of what I’ve been thinking about. The themes in the film, which I don’t feel like underlining, have interested me for a while. And you never see these subjects covered in films normally, and so that was very thrilling.”