Friday, November 25, 2011

NEW Beyonce

She wont stop! Check out the just released 'noir-esque' music video for the bonus track "Dance For You" off of Beyonce's latest album 4:

sex sex sex sex. 
this reminds me of that movie Kevin Mccallister a.k.a Macaulay Culkin watched in Home Alone. you know, the one where the old man gangster mumbles "keep the change ya dirty animal, and a happy new year!" well actually, this video has no similarities with that film besides them both being shot in black and white. but it is the holidays and I'm feeling festive. anyway, back to the video. it's fine. nothing spectacular. however, I will definitely be using this as a tutorial for when I want to perfect the classy lap dance (I use Nomi Malone's a.k.a Elizabeth Berkley's work in the epic film Showgirls to perfect the raunchy lap dance).  all i need is a good weave, strong fan, and a negligee ala House of Dereon.