Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Mariah Got Her Groove Back

Check out pop diva Mariah Carey show off her NEW heavily photo shopped body for the cover of this weeks US Weekly Magazine:

really Mariah? I'm pretty sure your "Honey" days are over. but, I guess you can pretty much do anything nowadays with the wonders of technology and all. or maybe I'm wrong. maybe Jenny Craig really can work miricles. she did perform a BIG one on Jennfier Hudson. or was that Lean Cuisine? "birds flying high".. anyway! Mariah, I love you no matter what they say. words can't bring us down. and in honor of your "new" look, I'm going to share one of your all time greatest videos featuring your all time greatest (pre-tech) bodies:

when she dives in the pool with the heels. I meeaaaaan..