Tuesday, October 25, 2011

James Franco Does 'Vman' Magazine

Check out my husband, Ja'mie Franco, give good face for the cover of Vman Magazine's December 2011 issue:

some highlights from inside the mag:

On life on and off camera:“There is a bit of a dichotomy between my work on camera as an actor and off-camera. I am still hired as an actor in commercial narrative films and my responsibility there is to create characters that are believable and entertaining in each given project. I don’t see my participation in films like Milk or 127 Hours as anything other than storytelling devices among many such devices for the directors of those films. I am a collaborator, but a collaborator serving a director’s vision.”

On people’s skepticism of the concept of celebrity: “You know, I’ve embraced it now. I actually like this sort of superficial criticism of the work, because in a way it becomes this sort of beautiful reflection of our culture.”