Monday, October 3, 2011

Arrested Development: NEW TV Season + Movie Coming Soon!

According to the New Yorker, for the first time since “Arrested Development” was cancelled in 2005, the entire cast assembled yesterday for a Bluth Family Reunion moderated by television critic Nancy Franklin. The big news of the afternoon: If all goes according to plan, the series will return to television in a nine- or ten-episode limited-run series, set to film next summer, with each episode focusing on a single member of the Bluth clan. And series creator Mitchell Hurwitz said that he is halfway through the screenplay for a reunion film and is “eighty per cent” sure it will happen.

This is AMAZING news! I hope this becomes a new trend in television. with the lack of fresh ideas in TV today, i see nothing wrong with bringing back old favorites for today's generation to enjoy. they do it with movies all the time, so why not television?