Monday, September 26, 2011

Kirsten Dunst Does Flare Mag

My favorite former child star Kirsten Dunst is on the cover of Flare magazines November 2011 issue.

Here are some highlights from KiKi's interview for Flare:

On her 2008 treatment for depression: “I think that most human beings go through some sort of depression in their life. And if they don’t, I think that’s weird.”

On the stigma attached to depression: “People are embarrassed to talk about it - I would never put anyone down that was in that kind of space.”

On surprising herself with her raw performance in Melancholia: “It was really hard for me to watch because I don’t recognize myself in parts of that film. It weirds me out a little bit. Like my voice change, this look in my eye. It scared me a little bit.”